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Check your Consumption

How much power would I need?

How long your energy storage will last, is determined by two components. How big is your energy demand or load - how many appliances are running at the same time and what size batteries your chose. The storage capacity of batteries is determined by the size of the battery bank.​ This is how you check your consumption.


The running time of a battery is calculated on 1 x 3.5kWh/4.8kWh Lithium battery, discharged from 100% to 20%. To extend the storage capacity, additional 3.5kWh/4.8kWh batteries can be added to increase your back-up time.

​Here are some estimated running times vs loads for one 3.5 kWh battery - the W element indicates the load capacity.

  • 2000W load or power requirement = 1.4-Hours

  • 1000W load or power requirement = 2.9-Hours

  • 800W load or power requirement = 3.6-Hours

  • 600W load or power requirement 600W = 4.8-Hours

  • 400W load or power requirement 400W = 7.1-Hours

  • 200W load or power requirement = 14.3-Hours

If you cannot make sense of the above just click HERE for a NO OBLIGATION consultation and quote.

Solar Ready Systems

All the systems we install are Solar ready and compatible. So, if you want to add solar panels to recharge the batteries instead of using Eskom power, our systems are designed to allow integration. Just ask about it when you request a quote.

Consumption Guage

Cape-Inverters Electricity Usage

Still in the dark?

Understanding electricity and how much you consume can be quite challenging. If you are still unsure about what you need to avoid load shedding, contact us on the link below and we'll shed some light on it. 

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